About Us

Who we are

Inspired by her travels across the globe and master chefs within her own family, Mrs. Ashraf has teamed up with entrepreneur and food lover Imtiaz Khan to bring Desi Lunch Box to Dubai’s multicultural diaspora. Her passion for bursting flavours and authentic cuisine spreads it wings outside her kitchen to cater to those who crave for soul food and are yet willing to experiment.

Our food

Desi Lunch Box features an array of eye-catching and taste bud-popping dishes ranging from Mumbai-style street snacks to Middle Eastern, Filipino and Indo-Chinese variants which will stir up old memories and toss you across borders as well.

Our menu is never done, we find inspiration all around, in new ingredients, new approaches and fresh take on old standards.

Come celebrate the Indian spirit; come celebrate diversity; and come celebrate Dubai – all under one roof!

Our People

‘Desi Lunch Box’ is a place for family, the one you’re born into and the one you create around food, love and friendship. Our attentive staff ensures that your entire dining experience with us is stellar from beginning to end.

Our commitment to ‘Safe food’

DLB being a family business, the owners are directly involved in the day to day operation of the business and take the front lead in ensuring the food is produced in a safe manner and the customers and employees are fully protected.

We are proud to share our top food safety ratings from “Dubai Municipality” a government regulatory body and “SGS” a food safety certification body.



Prasanjit Nath

A very good place to have desi bites, aptly named. Tasty hygienic food and right on Flavors. On time delivery. A very good experience overall. Next time you crave for desi food, head right towards this place. Must try.

Food Guide Official

Price Range - Cheap to Medium Range

Dish - Dhabe Da Bada Roti; Chat Pata Achari Gobi; Peri Peri Chicken Slider; Tandoor Roasted Salmon; Daal Makhani; Kadai Paneer; Desi Bread Basket; Fulfi and Banana Freakshake

Drinks - Dil Ki Dhadkan; Jo Dil Ko Thandak De

Critic – Overall an amazing dining experience of witnessing the authentic Indian cuisine with a healthy twist. The food quality, taste and presentation were excellent. Some of my favourite dishes were the Peri Peri Chicken Slider; Tandoor Roasted Salmon; Dhabe Da Bada Roti; Kadai Paneer; Fulfi and Banana Freakshake. I would highly recommend my friends and viewer to try those dishes out. They also well known for the lunch boxes which seems to be a very viable and practical option for individuals who are busy.

Anchit Bansal

Craving for an authentic Indian taste food will be surely satisfied at this place.
True indian spices and aroma will definitely make your day if youre up for indian dishes.
Chicken Peri-Peri is a must try dish of this restraunt